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David Kiesling: Von -3.00/-2.50 zu 20/20 ohne Brille

BeitragVerfasst: 06.09.2014 21:48
von lukita hat geschrieben:David [...] had observable vision problems as an infant and was prescribed glasses when he entered school at 5 years old. He eventually wore glasses with a -3.00/-2.50 prescription for myopia and slight astigmatism. He also had intermittent strabismus. He studied the subject of vision improvment, picking up things from reading Dr. Bates’s books and articles and other authors’ books, talking with many people who have partially or completely recovered their vision, attending workshops and lectures by vision improvement teachers and researchers, and observing how people with normal and low vision function. He improved his vision to be able to read 20/30 to 20/20 on the eye chart and rarely has episodes of strabismus anymore.